Our sport programs' most critical needs are directly supported by annual gifts to individual sports programs and to The Fund for Excellence. Your generosity helps to offset equipment costs, enhance budgets for recruiting and travel, sustain ongoing operating budgets, build and maintain new facilities, and create new initiatives that promote student-athlete wellbeing. Every piece of support adds up.

On a larger scale, sports program endowments ensure the continued security and success of our teams. Endowment funds provide a lasting source of support and can be directed toward a variety of priorities: underwriting the acquisition and upkeep of equipment, student-athlete training trips, operational funds to assist with annual budgetary needs, and more. A sports program endowment can be established through a gift of $100,000 or more.  For more information, please contact Katie Day Benvenuto, Director of Athletics Development at 212-851-4025 or

During the previous campaign, we secured endowment funding for the following varsity sports programs, thanks to these lead donors:


  • Tom Cornacchia ’85CC


  • Geoff Grant ’82SEAS
  • Annette Grant ’83BC


  • James Melcher ’61CC


  • Every Player Endowment: In honor of all Columbia Football players, past and present.


  • Stephen L. Berkman '62CC


  • Al Jackson ’67CC ’69BUS

Men’s & Women’s Soccer

  • Anonymous

These varsity sports programs also have endowment funding:

Archery, Baseball, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Swimming, Men’s & Women’s Tennis, Wrestling