Designed to maximize the potential of the Columbia student-athlete, Championship Performance integrates all components of athletic performance. It will give our varsity teams and student-athletes the confidence, mental toughness, physical readiness, and leadership skills that foster championship performances. The program will be funded by donor gifts to the Columbia Athletics The Fund for Excellence.


From adjusting to life on campus, to being fully prepared for competition, to excelling professionally, it all adds up.


Championship Performance:

Mental Preparation

  • Student-athletes will work with Associate Athletics Director for Championship Performance, Dr. Brent Walker, and the most sophisticated training techniques in sports psychology to master concepts such as attention control, goal setting, creative visualization, and stress management.

Career Development

  • Enrichment Services delivers a precise, structured plan for every student-athlete that will educate and perfect the art of building a professional career network. Topics include business etiquette, resume writing, interviewing, networking, and internships.

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  • Our registered nutritionist will counsel student-athletes on the optimal consumption and retention of macronutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals) necessary for peak performance.


The First-Year Transition Program
  • Designed to provide first-year student-athletes with the skills and knowledge necessary to make the leap from high school to college athletics. Topics covered include:
      • Academic integrity
      • Time management
      • University resources
      • Drug and alcohol education
      • Team building
      • Career education
      • Networking
      • Peer-to-peer learning
The Leaders for Life Program
  • A cutting edge leadership program, which engages a top executive coach and stars in college athletics and the business community in an interactive seminar environment to build our student-athletes’ leadership skills.