Varsity C Club

The Varsity C Club is committed to sustaining a lifelong partnership with Columbia Athletics and is guided by the athletics program's vision, mission, values and goals. The Varsity C Club's purpose is to serve as a volunteer organization that supports Columbia Athletics by providing advice and counsel to the athletics program and also serves to provide moral and financial support to the intercollegiate sports program.
Members of the Varsity C Club support Columbia Athletics with their Time, Treasures, and Talent:


  • Executive Board:  Attend every quarterly Varsity C Club meeting and Executive Board meeting
  • Board of Advisors:  Attend every quarterly Varsity C Club meeting
  • Advisory Committees:  Attend meetings, as determined by the head coach and/or committee chair
  • All members:  Serve as a representative for Sports Program Advisory Committee by attending:
    • Columbia sports program contests
    • Special events, including the annual Varsity C Celebration and Student-Athlete Welcome, and the Athletics Hall of Fame induction and ceremony


  • Generally promote the performance of sports programs
  • Be informed about Columbia Athletics
    • Maintain contact with the head coach
    • Invite alumni and friends to contests and special events
    • Read
  • Follow Columbia Athletics on Facebook and Twitter
  • Provide networking and career development opportunities for current and graduating student-athletes
  • Support coaches' fundraising efforts for the sports program's annual fund
  • Increase athletics constituents' understanding of and commitment to The Fund for Excellence
  • Engage in peer-to-peer fundraising to increase dollars and donors to Columbia Athletics
  • Assist with sports program alumni, fan and donor events:
    • Invite alumni and friends to events
    • Serve as host and/or underwrite event costs


  • Make a minimum, tax-deductible annual membership gift to The Fund for Excellence
    • Varsity C Club members: $250
    • Young Alumni Varsity C Club members: $100
      **Executive Board and Board of Advisors must be Varsity C Club members. Advisory Committees are strongly encouraged to join the Varsity C Club.

  • Make a tax-deductible annual gift to your varsity sports program
  • Recognition in the Athletics Annual Report
  • 10% discount at the Lions Store
  • Invitation to events: Varsity C Club Welcome Night, receptions, and tailgates
  • Networking opportunities with alumni from all sports and all eras

The Executive Board of the Varsity C Club consists of five officers: Past President, President, President-elect, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Executive Board represents the leaders of the Varsity C Club and work directly with the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Physical Education and/or her designated staff.


Past President: Monica Conley '03CC (Fencing)
President: Lauren Harrison '03CC (Track & Field/Cross Country)
President-elect: Noah Cooper '08CC (Baseball)
Secretary: Tom Fritsch '91CC (Men's Soccer)
Treasurer: Natalia Christenson '11BC (Women's Tennis)
Honorary member: Kacy Krisman Irwin '07CC (Softball)


The Varsity C Club establishes sports program advisory committees for each intercollegiate sports program, which serve to provide advice and counsel to the coaches and student-athletes. These committees also address several areas of special interest including recruiting, career counseling, and special fundraising efforts and events. Each advisory committee has chair(s), who are the primary point of contact for Columbia Athletics. The term limit for chairpersons is four years. The chairpersons come together to form the Varsity C Club Board of Advisors.


Archery: Marilyn He '14CC and Amanda Wiss '06BC
Baseball: Noah Cooper '08CC and Dan Neczypor '08CC
Men's Basketball: Brett Loscalzo '08CC and Jerry Sherwin '55CC (Emeritus)
Women's Basketball: Helen Doyle Yeager '85BC and Christina Dugger '89CC
Diving: Rachel Flax Kaplan '03CC, Micah Rembrandt '15CC
Fencing: Kelly Suh '96CC and Jarrod Perry '07CC; Steve Buchman '59CC '62LAW and Monica Conley '03CC (Emeritus)
Field Hockey: Caitlin Mullins '11CC and Tina Fernandez '02CC
Football: Matt Barsamian '07CC and Matt Bashaw '10CC
Men's Golf: Joe Simone '79CC and Stephen LaRouere '13CC
Women's Golf: Jane Dong '15CC and Ashley Zambito '13CC
Lacrosse: Grace Sterritt '05CC and Katie Angulo '15CC
Rowing: Stephen LaPerla '08CC and Jessica Mullin '06CC
Men's Soccer: Tom Fritsch '91CC and Chris Totman '00CC
Women's Soccer: Joan Campion '92CC
Women's Soccer: Joan Campion '92CC and Ashley Mistele '10CC
Softball: Kacy Krisman Irwin '07CC and Maggie Johnson '11CC
Squash: Katie Quan '13CC and Nik Trikha '04CC
Men's Swimming: Chris Ferris '99CC and Rob Frawley '10SEAS
Women's Swimming: Mary McCue '07CC and Kelly McConnell '07CC
Men's Tennis: Rajeev Emany '05CC
Women's Tennis: Natalia Christenson '11BC and Amy Li '15CC
Men's Track & Field/Cross Country: Evan Bass Zeisel '02CC
Women's Track & Field/Cross Country: Lauren Harrison '03CC
Volleyball: Charlee Dyroff '15CC and Ellie Thomas '10CC
Wrestling: Ravi DeSai '05CC and Jim Mullin '77CC