Enrichment Services

Summary and Services:

The Columbia University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Physical Education acknowledges that our student-athletes are central to all that we do. As the focus of our efforts, the Department has committed itself to being the best at providing our student-athletes with a meaningful undergraduate experience. To accomplish this goal we have a team of professionals, the Enrichment Services staff, who ensure our student-athletes have access to the resources they need. The Office of Enrichment Services offers the following services to achieve this mission:

  • Career Development
  • Tutoring
  • Advising Deans




The Columbia University Athletics Career Development Program is dedicated to serving student-athletes in the areas of career education, professional growth, and leadership training. Columbia Athletics Career Development aspires to provide a best-in-class student-athlete experiential learning and development program.


The Career Development Program is committed to using the student-athlete experience as the cornerstone of defining and achieving each student-athlete’s personal mission.

We achieve our mission through the implementation of the following objectives:

  • Create a strong, tangible connection between the student-athlete experience and the career development process, infusing the two experiences into all aspects of Career Development programming;
  • Offer a structured four-year action plan where skills and abilities will be developed through continuous hard work, dedication, and active learning;
  • Cultivate an environment of thoughtfulness where student-athletes are encouraged to reflect upon the characteristics that make them unique as student-athletes and as individuals;
  • Educate student-athletes early so that they are aware of the resources available to them, equipped to succeed in the job search process, and prepared to navigate the path from student to professional;
  • Provide essential educational programming that teaches general career skills, as well as focused programming that covers industry and employer-specific expertise;
  • Advocate for and connect student-athletes with the vast and ever-growing network of Columbia alumni, supporters, and employers;
  • Utilize New York City as an unparalleled resource for connection and exploration.


To develop Columbia student-athletes as thoughtful, confident, and passionate leaders who will translate the lessons of the student-athlete experience into meaningful and significant contributions to their chosen career.


Four-Year Action Plan

The Plan

How to get involved

1. Send job/internship opportunities for student-athletes (contact: Annie Butts, ab3973@columbia.edu)
2. Join our LinkedIn community (alumni only)
3. Apply to host a site visit or information session for Columbia student-athletes (contact: Annie Butts, ab3973@columbia.edu)
4. Attend the Columbia Athletics Young Alumni Networking Night (alumni that have graduated within the last 10 years)
5. Become an Alumni Ambassador (contact: Jessica DePalo, jd2923@columbia.edu)
  • Team Program: Host a career professional development program for specific sports program(s)
  • Industry Program: Host a career professional development program for a specific industry
  • LinkedIn: Drive industry colleagues to the Columbia Athletics and Four-Year Action Plan LinkedIn groups




Tutorial assistance is available for all student-athletes in the varsity athletics program. In addition to the services provided by Columbia University, the Office of Enrichment Services provides tutors in a variety of subjects to work with students on a group or individual basis.

Student-athletes are matched with tutors who are employed by the Columbia University Athletics Department. Each tutor is carefully selected by the Department based on qualifications and trained by a group of administrators before meeting with a student-athlete. If no tutor is available in a requested discipline, the Tutoring Coordinator will work with campus constituents to attempt to secure tutoring.




Advising Deans are the primary source for academic advising for Columbia student-athletes, assisting them with academic issues including class conflicts, scheduling conflicts, and major/minor declaration. The Department of Athletics works to build relationships with each designated Advising Dean so that he/she understands the time demands and specific situations faced by student-athletes.

Barnard College
Student-athletes in Barnard College are advised by a class advisor for their respective class year.


Columbia College 
Student-athletes in Columbia College are advised by an Advising Dean within Columbia’s Center for Student Advising (CSA) that has been assigned to their respective sports program.


The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science
Student-athletes in The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science are assigned to an Advising Dean within Columbia’s Center for Student Advising (CSA) who works in conjunction with the Department in which student-athletes declare interest.


School of General Studies
Student-athletes at the School of General Studies use the Office of the Dean of Students as the primary source of advising. Upon matriculation, each undergraduate student is assigned an advisor, who serves as the student's main link to GS throughout the student's career at Columbia.




Jessica De Palo

Associate Athletics Director for Enrichment Services

Jessica has oversight of student-athlete career development, student-athlete well-being programs, and the student-athlete tutoring program. She also manages the day-to-day operations of the Enrichment Services team. Jessica works with the Columbia Center for Career Education, the Barnard College Office of Career Development, alumni, and employers to assist student-athletes in making informed career choices.
Jessica may be reached at jd2923@columbia.edu or 212-854-6573.

Annie Butts

Assistant Director of Enrichment Services

Annie assists with the student-athlete career development program and manages the student-athlete tutoring program. She provides student-athletes with access to resume writing, networking, and interviewing workshops. Annie works with alumni, the Columbia Center for Career Education, the Barnard College Office of Career Development, and employers to assist student-athletes in making informed career choices. Annie may be reached at ab3973@columbia.edu or 212-854-3850.

Yana Rivers

Administrative Assistant/Tutoring Coordinator

Yana provides support to numerous areas within the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Physical Education, including the tutoring program. Yana accepts student-athlete tutor request forms and pairs student-athletes with tutors. Additionally, she provides administrative support in managing the Student-athlete Assistance Fund and all Enrichment Services special events. Yana may be reached at yr2168@columbia.edu or 212-854-5213.

Marqus Hunter

Enrichment Services Coordinator

Marqus provides support to the Enrichment Services team in the areas of career development, academic support, the student-athlete tutoring program, and student-athlete well-being. He also provides assistance for all Enrichment Services special events. Marqus may be reached at mh3613@columbia.edu or 212-854-4945.