Getting Involved

No matter your connection to Columbia Athletics, there are many ways to get involved. Every form of contribution—it all adds up.

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  • All alumni, parents, and friends who would like to volunteer their time or talents are encouraged to Sign Up using the form on the left.

  • Our Varsity C Club is comprised of alumni volunteers from every sports program who work on special projects throughout the year and sponsor the annual Varsity C Celebration for our student-athletes every spring. Each sports program utilizes an Advisory Committee specifically dedicated to the sports program’s initiatives.

  • The Women’s Leadership Council is a giving society for the women of Columbia Athletics, providing valuable opportunities to members and working to build involvement in Columbia Athletics by women.

  • There are many ways for you to get involved in enriching the lives of our student-athletes. Click the tab on the left to learn more about how to get involved in Enrichment Services – Career Development.

  • The Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) is a global network connecting Columbians of all schools to one another and to the University. It links 300,000 alumni through more than 100 regional clubs and shared interest groups, online resources, and over 200 programs around the world each year.