Bubble at Baker Athletics Complex



  • Outdoor sports conditioning and skill development requires significant space, and appropriate cubic footage.
  • Constructing a seasonal air-supported structure (bubble) at Baker Athletics Complex is imperative for winter practice for our varsity outdoor field sports programs
  • The Bubble at Baker will be placed over the soccer field in Rocco B. Commisso Stadium in winter months (November-March) for use by:
    • Men's
      “Columbia Men’s Soccer is on the verge of something great. Access to year-round, top quality training facilities is a huge component of what will help bring us to that next level.”

      Head Men’s Soccer Coach
      and Women's Soccer
      “The offseason is invaluable to our success. Every player works each offseason to develop individually, and with the bubble, we will now be able to train on a full turf field as a team to improve collectively. It will help take our program to the next level and enable us to attract world-class recruits.”

      Head Women’s Soccer Coach
    • Football
      “An indoor facility in the winter months is a key component in our long term plan to rebuild the program. Whether it is speed enhancement, cardiovascular training or position-specific drills, we are in desperate need of a place we can train. The bubble will allow us to work year-round, as Columbia never has been able to before.”

      Patricia & Shepard Alexander Head Coach of Football
    • Baseball
      “We battle the cold and dark in the winter months and do not have an outdoor hitting facility when we have snow on the ground. The bubble gets us out of the indoor batting cages and into a much better venue to play live baseball at game speed, which will enhance our early-season development.”

      Head Baseball Coach
      and Softball
      “A bubble is a game changer for our recruiting and team development. We compete with several schools that have much better indoor facilities; a bubble puts us on a level playing field and ahead of many.”

      Head Softball Coach
    • Lacrosse
      “To be a competitive program we must have a place where we can work on our lacrosse and athletic skills during the long cold months of winter. The bubble will better prepare us for our spring competition season.”

      Head Lacrosse Coach
    • Field Hockey
      “A bubble provides our athletes with a proper indoor training environment when it isn’t possible to train outside. Having a full size pitch to condition and train hockey will give us a platform to develop and hone skills year-round. A bubbled pitch simply means more opportunities to excel.”

      Head Field Hockey Coach
    • Archery
    • Club Sports and Intramurals
    • Community Outreach/Rental Opportunities


As one of the largest air-supported domes in the Ivy League as measured by cubic feet, the bubble will level the recruiting playing field with our peers, enabling us to better compete for the best student-athletes.

  • Penn and Harvard have been operating seasonal air-supported bubbles in Penn Park and Harvard Stadium for a number of years.
  • Yale’s Coxe Cage provides indoor field sports training opportunities.
  • Dartmouth announced plans this year to build a permanent indoor practice facility for field sports, adding indoor practice capacity to Leverone Field House.
  • Brown’s Olney-Margolies Center and Princeton’s Jadwin Gymnasium provide extensive indoor space for team practices.
  • Cornell’s Richard Ramin Room provides indoor turfed practice facilities for field sports


  • Initial Funding of $488,000 approved by University in September 2015
    • Covers design, pricing and investigation into operating and permitting costs
  • Anticipated total construction cost is $10 Million
    • Requires resurfacing soccer field, installation of anchors, new drainage, installation of HVAC unit for inflation/heating
  • Annual operating costs estimated at $500,000
    • Includes annual inflation/deflation/storage
    • Structure maintenance and snow removal
  • Construction commenced in June 2016
    • Field resurfacing complete by October 15, 2016
    • Bubble installation/inflation at conclusion of 2016 soccer season


To raise the construction and operating costs of the bubble, we are looking for generous support from our fans, friends, parents, and alumni. We hope you consider supporting the new Bubble at Baker; all pledges to this project can be made over a five year period.

To join us in bringing our outdoor programs to the next level, please contact Katie Day Benvenuto, Director of Athletics Development, at (212) 851-4025 or kad57@columbia.edu for more information.


To make a multi-year pledge to the Bubble, please download this form and mail it to Columbia Athletics Development.


$7,850,000 of $10,000,000
                      $3.69M                                     $5.39M                        $7.85M

$3.69M raised by 5/1/16
$5.39M raised by 7/15/16
$7.85M raised by 12/1/16


Rocco B. Commisso '71SEAS
Bill Campbell '62CC
Robert Kraft '63CC

Carolyn and Bill Epling '81SEAS
Nicholas Leone '88CC
Javier Loya '91CC
Steven and Pnina Milstein P’18CC '20CC
Russ Warren '62CC

Ed Botwinick '56CC
Don Jackson '73CC
Edward Malmstrom '65CC
Peter ’62CC, Kathryn '76GSAS, and Demetrios Yatrakis '05CC

Matt Sodl '88CC

Al Butts '64CC
Joseph Cormier '98CC
Walter Day
Jim Hudnall '95CC
Burt Lehman '62CC
Peter Leone '83CC
Maria and Tom Nevitt '82CC
John O'Connor '67CC
Que Spaulding '62CC
James and Kristine Tyler P'18CC
Marcellus Wiley '97CC
Rory Wilfork '97CC


Strength and Conditioning Room $5,000,000
Varsity Coaches' Suite $2,500,000
Football Office Suite $2,500,000
Sports Medicine Suite $1,500,000
Hospitality Terrace $1,000,000
Field Hockey Field $1,000,000
Softball Field $1,000,000
Staff Conference Room $750,000
Football Offense Multimedia Room $500,000
Football Defense Multimedia Room $500,000
Media Room $300,000
Varsity Coaches Reception Area * $300,000
Women's Coaches Locker Room * $250,000
Defensive Coordinator Office $250,000
Football Coaches Locker Room $250,000
Director of Football Administration and Alumni Affairs Office * $250,000
Head Trainer Office $150,000
Men's Coaches Locker Room $150,000
Football Video and Film Analysis Room $150,000
Lacrosse Locker Room $150,000
Men's Soccer Locker Room $150,000
Soccer Press Box $150,000
Softball Locker Room $150,000
Field Hockey Locker Room $150,000
Women's Soccer Locker Room $150,000
Full-Time Football Assistant Coach Offices (3) $125,000
Athletic Trainers Office $100,000
Sports Medicine Doctor’s Office $100,000
Assistant Coach Offices (6) $100,000
Football Recruiting Coordinator Office $100,000
Part-Time Football Assistant Coaches Office $100,000
Lacrosse Head Coach Office $100,000
Softball Head Coach Office $100,000
Chrystie Field House Administration Offices (3) $75,000
Soccer Boot Room $75,000
Cold Tub Room $50,000
Campbell Sports Center Administration Offices (1) $50,000
Individual Training Stations $25,000
Donor Wall $25,000

* On hold: under consideration


Bubble at Baker Athletics Complex Construction